Private Lesson Policies


Students that practice take pride and ownership of their hard work and enjoy their lessons so much more than those who don’t. During each lesson, Ms Claire writes down specific practice assignments for the upcoming week. In addition, Ms Claire assigns weekly practices times and frequencies for each student (ie. 4 practice days of 20 minutes each day), considering age and skill level. Each time the student practices they should refer to the practice notebook, and then mark an “X” that they’ve completed practice that day. Having a scheduled practice time each day or scheduling out when to practice for the upcoming week can be very helpful to achieve practice goals. Research also shows that retention of new knowledge drops to 60% after just 24 hours, so the best time to practice is soon as possible after the lesson!

School-aged students will have the very best piano/voice lesson experience WITH their parents’ help and encouragement. We encourage parents to:

  • Be familiar with practice assignments
  • Listen to practice sessions
  • Praise progress and learning
  • Provide a distraction-free practicing environment
  • Help establish a regular habit of practicing
  • Contact Ms Claire with any questions.

Parents of younger students should plan to sit with your child for at least a portion of the practice time to help them understand their practice assignments. If any assignments don’t make sense, do not hesitate to contact Ms Claire.

Ms Claire uses sticker charts during lessons with younger students as an incentive to meet practice goals and for having a great attitude during their lesson. After earning 15 stickers the student earns a treat of their choice.

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lesson attendance is crucial for skill retention and growth. Students should arrive a few minutes early and walk in (no need to knock) and wait quietly for the previous student to finish. Note: Lesson end times will not be extended for late arrivals.

During lessons, family members may wait in their vehicle, run errands, or wait quietly in the den during the lesson where are toys and books available to play with (please put back any items you use).

Cancellations and Make-Ups

If students need to cancel a lesson, please notify Ms Claire as soon as possible. Students are allowed up to 2 cancellations per semester (August-December, January-May). Any additional cancelled lessons will require payment-in-full for the cancelled lesson. Make-up lessons for student-cancelled lessons are not guaranteed but will be offered whenever possible.

Lessons where the student is a “no show” and doesn’t notify Ms Claire will require payment-in-full for the no-show lesson. If more than 3 lessons are cancelled/missed in a row, lessons may be terminated by Ms Claire. If students need to discontinue lessons, please provide at least a one-month notice.

In the event Ms Claire needs to cancel a lesson, she will notify students/families as soon as possible. Lessons cancelled by Ms Claire will not count against the allowed cancelled lessons per semester. Make-up lessons for lessons cancelled by Ms Claire are not guaranteed but will be offered whenever possible.

Spring Recital

A spring recital is held each year at the beginning of May. Although students are not required to participate in the recital itself, it is strongly encouraged. All students will work on 1-2 pieces of music (selected together with Ms Claire) in the spring in preparation for the recital, regardless of whether or not they will participate in the recital itself. Students are encouraged to perform for friends and family regularly throughout the year to build confidence and experience.


Lessons are $20 per 30 minute lesson for individuals and $18 per lesson for families with more than one student enrolled in lessons. Lesson fees are paid in advance per lesson or per month by check, cash, or card. Weekly or monthly invoices via email are available upon request. Please make checks payable to “Ms Claire’s Music Center”. If payment is not received by following lesson, there will be a late fee of $10. All fees paid are non-refundable.


Please contact Ms Claire any questions you may have at 601.207.2033 (call/text) Ms Claire replies to calls, texts, and emails Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM.